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  1. Just to update, I took 2B without them knowing, passed without them knowing, bought a bike without them knowing, rode without them knowing for 3 months before they found out. After they did, gave me a dressing down on "disappointments" and "safety issues", and they consistently nagged at me to sell my bike. Fast forward about a month, they kinda dropped the matter already and now just nag at me to ride slowly and safely. Ironically, I don't really ride that often now though.
  2. ill probably make an effort to wear long pants and covered shoes for majority of my rides. and also gloves, cause my palms sweat easily.
  3. @Wonderless: congrats!!!!! @circuitzero: hahahah same situation as me. i pass already now family dun let me buy bike. have tried talking to them already so far oso met with black faces only. most likely i'll juz ride behind their back although i really dun wan to do that.
  4. yaa i think need defensive riding to ride to camps. but how to ride to camps for ict sia need to bring all that barang barang oso quite difficult.
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