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  1. This is also known as the Suzuki GT200 X5, only 2 are known to remain on the road now. Not easy to find. I know one of the owners, PM me and I will put you in touch if you like.
  2. A word of advice my friend, before you begin the project..... do make sure that all mods done are reversible and that you keep all the original parts that you have replaced or customised. Café mods look great and many shops do very good customising work. I myself have not done any, but people I have met have very nice café mods, and the CM125 is a nice bike to work on. Do remember the yearly inspections and the patrolling LTA enforcement officers armed with their cameras. Do not change or modify the stock exhaust system or cut the frame, as either one will be an issue. I have a few frien
  3. Hi Everyone, For your reading pleasure..... http://www.gizmag.com/kawasaki-celebrates-40-years-of-the-z1/22197/?utm_source=Gizmag+Subscribers&utm_campaign=8560a549e2-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email
  4. Thanks for that 736, I see an old Goldwing there in that line up of old classics. There is talk about that AT plate Kawa pictured in front of a coffee shop, and the pics confirm this. Have not seen the bike around prior to this pic though, but this is clearly not the classic 4 into 4 Kawa 900, the frame is different. This is in fact the 4 into 2 Z1000A from 1977, altered to look like the 4 into 4 Z900A4 model from 1976, the last 900cc 4 piper in the range from the 70's. You can see some type of bracket holding the 4 pipes together just behind the rider's footpeg. Guess the owner prefers it thi
  5. Greetings CBX6, do you have a KZ100 here in Singapore? The people on this thread, in particular 736cc, have loads of leads and information and seem to know what to find and where to go to find it. I do believe that many of these bikers will be able to point you in the right direction. I have heard that many good mechanics have either retired, have no shop space at the moment or shy away from the older classics for some reason. The only one thing I know for sure is that the owner will need to provide all the parts to the builder, as no one has any of these old parts any more. I have been lo
  6. Thanks so very much for that Throttle, a scene from Mad Max to be sure. Looks like all the old inline four Kawa's were featured if you look closely, from the very firts Z1 to the coffin tank Z1R of 1978, all were in that scene. If you ever get that chance, there is another old biker movie out of AU called Stone. It's about an under cover cop or something blike that and it is very similar to the Mad Max type of film. All the old bikes steal the show, the Honda 4's and big Kawa's too. Have you seen this one? It's pretty old now.
  7. Thanks so very much for sharing that picture with us, a rare find to be sure. How on earth did you find something like that? That looks like the 1973 Z1 with a CB500 next to it. Did you notice the police Honda in the background and those white helmets the police used? Vintage stuff man....... To clarify please, you mean to say you know the owners of the 2 that are left? I will settle for a Z1000 as well if you know of one somewhere. I was told that there are a couple of these around as well but again, where the heck are they? For the last month or so, the oldest bike I saw on the road was a
  8. I have seen the Z1 Kawa in pictures and on the net, do you know if there are any left here now? Have not seen one on the road....... Love to own one if possible.
  9. Saw a RD500LC at Sin Ming being inspected at STA a few days ago. Chinese owner in his 40's I think. Bike is red and white and looks super for it's age. Owner rode it there and rode it away, it's a FF plate. Sadly, I did not get a chance to speak to him as he was already riding off when I got there. Anyone seen this bike around? Like to track down the owner as I have always wanted one of these as many of you know. Any leads will be appreciated...... thanks in advance. I have asked the tongsters on the LC thread to help as well.
  10. Hi, I can't seem to find the bike. Is it even still available?
  11. Do you know who has the GT now? Maybe Combine can help locate it for me? Would like to own this machine if I can.
  12. I agree with you 100%. To those who like to keep classic bikes going, hats of to all you guys.
  13. He was always expensive as he was in debt to the bank and the landlord for his shop rent. He had no choice. Many bikes were brought to his brothers Yishun shop and parked along the main road. Many were scrapped, including those rusting at his open air store. I was there and I witnessed these rusty classics as they were being loaded onto lorries to be sent to the scrapyard. Not a good time for him.
  14. Lucky You then! I have been visiting his shop since the 80's and this did not happen every time I was there, but I did witness it, twice actually. On both occasions, locals commented that his asking price was too high. Anyway, Zoom In is history and let's leave it there shall we. Combine in Sin Ming has a good reputation. They have a regular customer whith a water cooled Suzuki GT750 2-Stroke Kettle. I would love to get hold of that one some day.
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