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  1. Hi Bro how much you want to let go your bike

  2. hi bro i am interested too let me know

  3. hi bro please reply

  4. hi bro why no reply

  5. hi bro i am yong i lost mine hp can you send me your hp number agian

  6. hi bro,


    Can do me a flavour by remove all mine post for selling bike because all mine bike sold. I have already posted but still have aloth of people call me non- stop thanks for the help bro.

  7. Hi there are you still interested in the tmax. Sorry for the late reply cause went for army resvit. The bike still availabe do contact me. If you are still interested can arrange a meet up to view the bike and disscu.

  8. Me too will not stay too late cause have thing to do tomorow
  9. hi bro i am yong care to sell me your windscreen contact me at my hp no 84990388

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