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  1. yup, unless u want to stay 2a for some time.. or u can buy 2a first, then make it as a trade in for ur class2.. so u got to findout how much the trade in value first
  2. if u think of "saving" money instead of throwing it on a bike, get a decent superfour like everyone else.
  3. it just like nsr150 sp only muh better.. hehe. and got two pistons, and the conrod cannot change seperately, need to change the whole crank. and 2t, we like to use above $20 ones. spare part can go ahboy find. or chong aik. and got lobang also. $$ not too bad. just go to the right ppl ok already dun let shop chop u anyhow. now use as 2nd bike, for leisure riding.
  4. dunno about that.. i only test until 170km/h .. (singapore only speed limit 90km/h and i dun go 2nd link test) dats y i dun need class 2 bike.. hehe and modded pgm4s dun noe their top speed cause when they use racing card there be no speedo.
  5. yahh the connection between the brake switch and brake lever. the front is normally the click click feeling when u presss and release lever. rear is normally a spring hooked to lever.
  6. if it ur dream bike, i say go for it, i think my fren got lobang for the parts from japan, so no shop can chop u. like we pgm riders we more or less know our stuff. go to the right people and don't let shop chop us. yes bro RVF is a powerful bike.. but the older VFR is more powerful. don't even compare it to Super Four. Because super4 is a road bike, not a sport performance bike.
  7. i think this bike is worth buying and keeping, if u got passion for these kind of bikes. 400cc v4 engine, gear driven cam, mini version of the legendary rc45 ect2. for me i bought NSR250 PGM3 because of passion, love for 2t grand prix bikes, 250cc my fav class in GP, and i've loved NSRs (road bikes and race bikes) since primary one. and for me it is swee, one of the most beautiful bike in my eyes, ect. i dun care about riding class2 bike because they're too fast already for singapore roads and even for pasirgudang (i'm not skill like some racers here).. and no class2 2t with modern f
  8. guys want to ask u all. tzm if battery is weak, the valve will go haywire is it? macam sukati mak bapak dia je nak bukak ke tanak. its at around rpm 8k, during corner, when i drop gear and throttle like nothing happen like engine switched off then suddenly like power kick in out of the blue kreeeeeeeeeee. it especially happend during downslope at bmw corner. everytime reach bmw, engine like no respon then when want to turn left suddenly kick in.. scary sia
  9. haha friday afternoon is it? u always around that area? werking there he?
  10. i heard tawian rs250 rider want to find pgm to test machinge also.. who of our top 3 riders should we send? Vondy (1st Fastest) Japlangzi (1st Fastet) ZeroKenshin (1st Fastests)
  11. wahh really on the road..? wahh siao ah who riding ahh soo jealous. if give zerokenshin ride confirm NO OTHER BAIKE CAN EVEN SEE HIS SMOKE!!!!!!
  12. yah.. black colour.. never say watrerproof but stiil quite water resistance bought is at $160-$170 i think clear stock or what.
  13. regina ah.. dunno price.. i'm using smx3 and its still going strong.
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