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  1. Hi mark, you still have the kids swimming goggles? I want 4 pcs for 5.00!! Pm me!

  2. Dude just a shot in the dark but do you by any chance still have the version s stock exhaust?

  3. Hey bro, found you in the forums under the scooter section and would like to invite you to join our facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/scooternnarcotics


    We specialize in importing aftermarket accessories and performance parts at affordable rates liaising with scooter shops. Should you be riding any maxi-scooters, this will definitely serve as a useful page for you!

  4. even regina has moriwaki! turn in straight near left hand side helmets look up! that's a freaking gp style moriwaki!
  5. hi all, my xjr400 shocks are leaking!!!! anyone knows where to rebuild them or if its better to buy a new set??? if so how much??? also if you guys have a pair to sell to PM me cheers
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