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  1. Hi guys, anyone selling the exhaust tip cover or where to get them and pricing? Thanks
  2. Haha.......this one power right....secret msg.....

  3. Testing Testing....................lol

  4. Bro...how much are ur rearsets for CBR 600rr 04 model???

  5. Hi JAd,

    Eric here...wanna check if u have this model?Marushin STREETFIGHTER h_e_l_m 999 IKUSA WHITE.......price pls also......

  6. Dun surf SBF when u are working.....kekkeke

  7. Model of the bike im riding la..
  8. Hi guys ...I am the F4i Eric, Great to know you guys and sorry that i have to miss the Tian Lai and left early...dinner appointment...Anyway,looking forward to see you all again...(maybe Kulai?) but because of my work i can only go on Sat nights and/or Sundays...i will be lurking around here for the next outing which accomodate my timing...Ride safe guys
  9. So brother timing i confirmed...10 am...If let say got more friends coming can or not?Coz you know sometimes friends of friends jio...and do u have a number to call in case miscom on that day...
  10. Hey TS,forget to ask around what time come back huh?An estimate so maybe can jio more ppl..
  11. SIZE="4"]Place : Kluang Bak Kut Tay Time : 10.00am GP ESSO Date : 17.Feb.08 (SUN)[/size] Relax and Enjoy Ride to Kluang For Good Food 1. Encik pat (Fazer6) 2. LanceR-Evo (G7.5) 3. Garry Ong 4. $amm wan go (han nor han nor han nor) 5. gohkm (talk so much here Auto add) 6. Rich/poorsg (S4/FZ1) 7.125z/Eric(CBR F4i) (Maybe another friend (Fazer 1000)is joining too 8. For All Class Of Bike, Sorry No Halal
  12. I am interested brother....how to contact you?
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