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  1. halo ah hua/alex, thanks for the help! now my bike better already. but like still eat fuel like crazy. anymore problems i go find u again ah! thanks!

  2. yo bro.. can give me ur no? i think i go down ur shop do full servicing also safer. since u riding sp.. how much does it cost to do full servicing at ur shop?

  3. hahaha my sister loaning me.. so i guess its ok. but now need save for COE already. goodluck endy for ur next tp. im pretty lucky to have passed today!
  4. hi guys i passed! YAY! now got 1 big problem.. no money for insurance. family no credit card. anyone knows any shops who do reloans for insurance even if i don get my bike from them?
  5. yo im taking tmrw.. went for 3 CR and 1 RR. hope can make it tmrw! goodluck to all those taking tp as well!! KNUCKLEHEAD HERE I COME FOR UR P PLATEEEE!! WAHAHAHA
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