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  1. Since you are not parting your wealth to me, i can't be bothered how much you have.

  2. Just kidding lah, sound like small issue. Liao mean I don't know... kekeke. Enjoy your ride. Cheers.
  3. What about start on checking the tire pressure and tire condition first. If the problem don't lies on tire, then liao...
  4. American beauty, American pie, American Idol and now... American Beemer... http://www.cycleworld.com/gallery.aspx?section_id=3&section_prefix=features&webtrends_section=features&article_id=545&window_id=1&gallery_id=395&slide=on&page_number=1&seq=3&cnt=3 http://www.cycleworld.com/article.asp?section_id=3&article_id=545 http://www.cycleworld.com/assets/image/2007/W47/11202007232534.jpg
  5. Who am I, arh, I miss him/her/him/her/him, think more him then her on her/him/him. Wow, very confuse leh.
  6. Wu lang ai is a gem, Bo lang ai is rubbish... I enjoy it more now after Perfection motor perfect it. Thumb up to Alan.
  7. huh... the purpose of the wrist-band is to absorb the fluid? Will something that has "wing" to wrap around do a better job? Kekeke... Was told by an ex-street racer - I mean ah beng in the early 90s that the wrist-band on his lacing bike brake reservoir was to keep the fluid in correct temp during "high speed". KNN, kena smoked by ah beng for so many years... Thanks.
  8. I don't understand why dry and wet clutch? Many say that dry is better, faster and etc... is it true? and in what way it is better or why it is better and faster? Thanks.
  9. err... do we have some misunderstanding here. Look at all brake reservoir on all makes, there's a small breathing hole for ventilation. I may be wrong.
  10. Correct me if I am wrong, I think all brake reservoirs are vented regardless of makes, if not, don't think we are able to brake on other bikes. Just like all engine are vented and not necessary to add additional hose to let it breathe. I did talk to other GS/GSA owners and they don't have such problem (1 of the GSA12 rode his to Europe and he told me he had observed everything all the way there and nothing leak, very reliable bike according to him). Could it be due to over filled? What about just fill it up to 3/4 full and monitor, I think that should solve the problem. Do check
  11. Wow, 40,000km only, does that apply to "racing" bikes? Understand an R6 owner replaced the clutch plates around 20,000km but I guess he upgraded it instead as he uses the R6 for track purpose only. I have understanding from an ex Ducati M900 Monster that the clutch plates can last at least 25,000km before replacement. Just wonder what is the life span for sport tourer like VFR, FJR, STX and ST11? So far, never heard of anyone mentioned about clutch plates replacement and some ST11 have clocked almost 200,000km. For most R1100 and R1150, I understand most of them needed clutch pl
  12. Gal... mine is 4 generation back, may be grandam... must handle with care.
  13. Can teach me after you master it? I buy you milo lah.
  14. S$1.5k for clutch plate change, wow, that's very expensive. That's the price for half a Honda Wave. What about other makes? Is clutch plate replacement necessary for the same type of bike (Sports Tourer), like FJR, VFR, STX and etc... at 80k to 100k km? Thanks.
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