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  1. hey guys what petrol do u all pump for ur cbr150r? i usually pump either 98 or 95 from shell cause its just downstairs v convenient for me. but long run i think i should go for something with discount for cost saving. near my house have SPC, esso and shell for me. any suggestion?
  2. haha i've been riding with berms, tee shirt with leather jacket and normal canvas shoes and open face helmet. i think there's nothing wrong with it as long as u ride defensively and don't pull any funny ebrake or reckless lane changing and always predict, judge and assess the road condition while riding. of course i make minor mistakes and sometimes have some misjudgements but as long as u know how to react critically and don't endanger others i think those protective gears are subjective. i'm considering to get a ff helmet but i think i'll look super weird with my CBR but hahahaha who c
  3. actually i don't mind going for defensive riding lessons cause i might ride to my camp next time when called up for reservist. not too sure what is the directive for NSmen to ride into camps. haha. quite cool leh one hand fig8. HAHA!
  4. hey i stay at NE area too @ sengkang and started riding to sch occasionally. do u go sch in the noon? which route u take to go sch ah?
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