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  1. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/coes-finish-mixed-in-the-second-round-of-bidding-in-april-2017-cat-c-drops-to "Up to the last 5 mins of the bidding, the premium stayed at $2."
  2. It's hard to find a dealer who allows test ride in singapore.
  3. bro how much you buy the p plate and at where ah?

  4. Sounds good. Never dare go on such trips, yet. But GOOD LUCK TO YOU and HAVE FUN! Will be following your updates.
  5. Haha I used to play leh, stopped for very long already. Waste my $
  6. Thats what my Dad said, and so instead of me always being a pillion, I've got the encouragement and I'm now a rider ^^
  7. You know what? I'm having the same problem. Every time I turn off my phone now, and turn it on again, this icon that I just placed in there quite recently would always disappear and I have to go to applications to put it back in. It looks like Android isn't gonna catch up anytime soon... I have a problem deleting photos that I captured during a certain period late last year. It seems to take forever and the work doesn't get done, end task and try again still doesn't work... My phone keeps hanging and restarting 3months ago also while attempting to launch messages or gallery. Don't know what
  8. On average, how long does one can last? Just wondering... Might buy when I change my chain and sprocket cuz its really crap now. :B
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