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  1. Hi ytiniffa


    How is the arrangement for the H4 Osram?



  2. Hi there's one recently advertised at db88 classified, his no. is 97400557. Good Luck!!!
  3. HI MW Please quote the price of Bag No. 4899 & 4874. Thanks!! and Good Day!!
  4. Bro Rudy n Boybulance, sorry can't make it for the meetup this Sunday. You buggers can count me in to assist bro_isk during his big wedding(congratulations!!). I think we should go all out to assist our fellow biker, you know it's once in a life time for such auspicious situation. Boybulance would look nice in his riding jacket and a BOW_TIE!!! However, bear in mind my divvy is in half-SBO, whereas most of you guys are in FBO(Full Battalion Order). I can take photo/massage for you guys.......but not in the convoy, it will spoil the beautiful scene!!! Cheerio!!!
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