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  1. I went to one of my trusted mech. So he said my charging haywire liao. The current not distributed evenly. Once i've changed my coil i will update again. Thanks!
  2. Hee.. Sorry so they have ready stocks i suppose? Will try to give them a call.
  3. Yeah, and with your help on teaching me how to change air filter ourselves, i wouldnt know. Btw i had a hard time putting back my tank onto the 2 rubber gasket nicely. But now think should be fine. Haha
  4. Can i still get the Ti 4-1 headers or need to special order?
  5. Alright thanks fornthe infos all. I will get my mech to check on my electricals first.
  6. Chiong Aik I guess... Or you want more cheaper, Unique selling Combiz shocks.
  7. I think actually you have a point there. I travel 10km everyday. So maybe thats It explains why my FC like that. But like i said, cant be bothered anymore. I drive more than i ride anyways. 
  8. Guys, if you guys were me, changing magneto coil on my FBA vtec-3 is it ok? Cus i have been hearing ppl say after changing coil they straight away feel the power difference. I mean, i want to keep this bike for long thats why i think of the big picture.
  9. Air filter will affect the throttle response, and the smoothness. Correct me if im wrong. I would go for BMC or Pipercross air filter instead of K&N. Unique now have both BMC and Pipercross.
  10. Bro use M5. Both wet and dry surface very good. Wear rate i not sure yet as i travel only 10km everyday. Heehe..
  11. I use to own XR4 few years back and often go off-road riding. This is what i did. First, u need to find a seperate connector so that it can be easily taken off while off-road. Its like u need to unplug it from the wires. Ok next, you buy a super strong velcro and cut it to the iU base shape. On my ex-XR4, i stick on to my side of my headlight. Near to my fork is. Thats all bro...
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