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  1. Still not in SG yet.. sian.. haven’t confirm the specs.. not sure got ABS a not..
  2. Hi, I like the LIKE 150i.. thumbs up! Have you got yours? Maybe we can set up a group and meet up... Cheers..
  3. Willing to trade NC750X? My is Nov 17. My mileage about 14k.. WhatsApp me. Ninezerosixzerotwoeightzerosix thanks bro.
  4. Hi bro, I thought of buying Kymco 400 too, does it really give you backache? I’m 181 tall. I thought there is a cushion support (lumbar)? Last time I ride burgman 400 it doesn’t give me problem at all...
  5. How? What did you get? I’m looking into Nmax also.
  6. Hi bro out there.. becarful of bad review of motor shop mentioning here.. I kana liao.. chop chop until mince meat..
  7. fishee50

    Fz6 s2

    Hi, I'm selling my FZ6 S2 COE Dec 2018. Black. 141k mileage in going. 3k. Fast deal. Whatsapp .... SOLD Thanks
  8. Hi, I interested to get a Tracer MT09, any fellow rider wanna share experience? Thanks in advance..
  9. Up for your nice bike.. how I wanting to buy.. but too bad.. not enough hard cash..
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