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  1. They quoted me 400plus cos i got 2 dent at my oil tank.per knock is $60 market price plus i ask for 2 rim black color oso.cos lazy to thorough wash the stain.jb im not that comfortable cos it will take more than a day to do.i just polish my bike earlier.autosol really can remove rust easily but need to wax it later to protect n last.but if stainless steel area try avoiding it cos it seems like damage the surface.unless is coated paint by manaufacturer...tis im not so sure about it. Today just spend $1400 for renew 5yr coe plus inspection road tax n insurance. $800 for repair n accessories.
  2. Anyway does any pk know where i can get deflector(the one that covers the fork)?n the price too?
  3. For the benefits of pk here:i dunno how updated the price list shown in this thread.But yesterday i went LAB to change some parts.here are the price: Pirelli tyre front n back $150 Wide Handle Bar $55 Crashbar $75 Timing chain + tensioner n oil n gasket $135 DID X Ring Chain n 2 sprocket $150 Wheel bearing front $25 Rear wheel bearing $38 Mirror $25 I do check for other parts price list also: Fork tube new $220(planet) 2nd fork tube $100(planet) Bullet headlight $48 (lab diy) Front fender $28 (lab) no stock now Henry quoted me for spray paint for my bike $450-470 The o
  4. Dear phantom lovers, i do need alot of advise from u guys.here's my situation. Currently i'm riding a phantom registered under my dad's name. This mth end coe expire(sad). My ideal bike is shadow 400 but sad to say is damn hard to find one nowadays.even can find is like near to 10k for a good condition. End of aug i be taking my 2a test.so if i pass,it means 1 mth i be out of bike. I need it for transport between work n part time studies(u know the rushing here and there). My Dad ask me to renew my coe and go change all the necessary parts. Estimated renew 5yrs coe is $1200.Insurance aro
  5. used to pump spc95 cos of dbs plus spc card discount.gives me alot of power.speed can go till 120 from kje bke sle then tpe.no problem.after sometime due to increase of price,went jb for shell97 somehow performance drop.maybe bcos of engine oil i used so can withstand the heat.then lower to 95.engine knocking is there too...haiz dunno what to do.
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