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  1. Hi Bro


    Thousand apologies, seldom log in to account, only read some forum. So didn't see your message till now. Am not sure of status, but will let you know if available. Fairing and mirror wind deflector bit difficult to remove, imho. Now the USD so low, may be easier to buy thru' internet. Get a vPost or comgateway account and it will at your doorstep within a month max. Getting from UK is more expensive. Cheers.

  2. Bro,


    PM you regarding manual...



  3. shizzy

    Honda ST1300

    Desmond from LC is organising a Melaka 1 day trip but don't know the exact date yet.
  4. I'll lend you the owner's manual this Wed at LC if you're going. Take a day or two to finish the manual, photocopy those pages you think are important for future references. You can pass me back on Sat or following Wed meeting. If there's any outings I know, will keep you informed.
  5. Yes, Shizzy is John. Mel, did the previous owner gave you the ST1300 manual? Read it up, very good info.
  6. Maybe Desmond just add both your name and Melvin in...
  7. Check this web Models Available For Rental http://www.banhockhin.com.sg/leasing2/OurMotorCycles.html Scooter / Motorcycle – Class 2B (200CC Below) Period Rates Daily $25.00 Monthly $380.00 Administration Fee (One Time) $15.00 Refundable Security Deposit $380.00 Rental of Helmet (Max 2 Helmets) $10 /helmet per rental period Scooter / Motorcycle – Class 2A (400CC) Period Rates Daily $50.00 Monthly $650.00 Administration Fee (One Time) $15.00 Refundable Security Deposit $650.00 Rental of Helmet (Max 2 Helmets) $10 /helmet per rent
  8. Kano going this Saturday STOC reunion dinner?
  9. Terence and your name are there. Here's the link http://www.sgstoc.org/index.php?showtopic=1686&
  10. shizzy

    Kawasaki 1400s

    Ok, anyway STOC members will be at Katong LC every Wed night 9pm. Drop by when you're free. They always there to discuss about road trip and bike matters.
  11. shizzy

    Kawasaki 1400s

    Can make it 26th (Wed) 9pm? I'll introduce STOC members to you guys. Next time can organise long trip together.
  12. shizzy

    Honda ST1300

    Must be busy cleaning, admiring, dismantling, re-installing, adjusting, waxing now... haha
  13. Yup, going down tonight. Hopefully not raining...
  14. Hey nyzam, which year of ST1300 are you looking at? For used bike, the price will depend on which year the bike was registered. Go see Honda ST1300 forum, that's 1 guy trying to sell.
  15. shizzy

    Kawasaki 1400s

    Yep. ebay all from US or UK. I think Taiwan / China / Hong Kong should be much cheaper. Just cannot find. Enjoy your dim sum tomorrow. Take some pics and post here.... especially those young and cute dim sum ladies!
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