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  1. Selling due to upgrading to 2A bike. Comes with 46l top box. Registration date: 14 Dec 2010 Looking at $1,500. Interested WhatsApp me at 98184918.
  2. Hi, is it better to buy from motorsports or other bike shops? Sent from my SM-J730GM using Tapatalk
  3. Thinking of getting x-town. Is it better to get from motorsports or other shops Sent from my SM-J730GM using Tapatalk
  4. does not seems to be a popular bike, I like the fact that it can store 2 helmets. so far any issues with this bike?
  5. Currently riding a Daelim S3 and thinking of changing. Would be good if can find 1 that can put 2 helmets u see the seat. So far I only know of burgman and downtown 200. Any other? Thanks Sent from my SM-J730GM using Tapatalk
  6. Yes, renewable

  7. currently riding a vespa PX150... thinking of changing to a bigger cc bike and need some info since I am out of touch with bikes... Shortlisted bikes currently: GSR400, GSR600, Fazer 600... Will be fixing a box so can keep helmets and rain coat... Is there alot of difference between a 400cc and 600cc bike?? Any commends between the 3 bikes??
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