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  1. How much for ur FR4444? Msg me 97644291.



  2. Yeah sure. Cept for R6 06 & above... I heard they dun come with stacks at all..
  3. Shark

    Home of CBR600

    wat exactly do you need bro
  4. Yes Factory Pro, should be billet aluminium stacks cept for Hondas which is hard plastics. Those who have oredered from me before knows all the products I bring in are quality stuffs.
  5. Erm... Cannot la... Wait i kana parang attack ley... Yes self install, if you are used to doing your bike on your own, you should be able to do this no problem.
  6. Shark

    Home of CBR600

    The blue/white K5.. 24th see first bro.. If free can drop by... the tyre giving way already..
  7. Hi sexy! Like to repost so much arH>???
  8. Yours is the father of all Kawa bikes watt
  9. My bike, on the second pic! But rider not me wor...
  10. Shark

    Home of CBR600

    A lot of CB6 ley yesterday
  11. I need the IU bracket also ley... without having to obstruct my shift light... Duno where is a good place to mount... Kambing if you need Fact Pro V-stax I'm getting it for $380 from my supplier
  12. They also say last time R6 06 hard to dyno because its FBW.. dunno true anot Anyway, loading map to your PC3 is easy right? I dunno but last my my cb6, i never went for dyno before. Its all the way download map from the website, & just adjust the mapping from there to see which suits me most. Had 2 different maps for PG & sepang each.
  13. track day was good ley... not that too many bikes...
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