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  1. hi bro.

    ANy pic for the cobin seat?

    thanks. can whtsapp me at 96851243.

    Selling yur ST ALready?

  2. hi bro.

    Keen in yur knee guard.

    Where to view and deal?

    Please advice me..

    U can email to me at 96851243.


  3. Thanks for the intro.

    By the way, do you guys accept credit cards or any instalment plans?.


    Roughly how long does the instalation take for the exhust and Dr Pulley.?

  4. Hi there.

    Was intro by my vespa fren for LV exhust.

    Please quote me LV exhust - 4road and Vintage LV exhust for Vespa GTV 250 with DR pulley too.

    For the DR weights, i just need something a little lighter to faster pick up...

    Thanks and will be waiting for your reply.



  5. hi bro.

    CHeck with you. Are you still keen in the bluetooth? Drop me a PM. thanks

  6. Bro. i got the pics already. Whts your email which i can send it too?

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