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  1. Pls pm or contact 9061 4783. Preferred ta200, gts200 and any other 2B consideration as well. Fast deal, cash&carry. Cheers.
  2. bro,


    can share wat job? am interested!

  3. what bike u riding???


    Someday mayb can go Rounding....



  4. yesteday , bike ta 200 cant start... then push to ah boy work shop .. got it done today.. Battery - 38 bucks. carbon- 45 Relay- 65 lightbulb -6 total of 154... paid 150 bucks.. tried to start yesterday, but cant.. got the crank sound... like something cant be push up.. thus cant start.. pls advise on the prices.. lan lan...sunday ma.. most shops not open.. tried ah boy..was opened... due to no alternatives..
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