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  1. Bro,

    We might have 4 bikes going.

    Waiting for confirmation tomorrow from the other 2 bikers.

  2. Bros, Me cannot make it, out-station as of yesterday for 2 wks. Have a good celebration.
  3. Heard that Southern giving better deal then Hong Leong. $29800 OTR with insurance. Hong Leong $30500 OTR without insurance, Anywhere else giving better deals????????
  4. Yap FZ8. The price not much diff with the big brother FZ1....
  5. Price OTR w/o insurance 1. XJ6-N Diversion $16 650 2. XJ6-S Diversion $17 100 3. FZ8-N $18 350 4. FZ8-S $18 800 5. FZ1-N $19 800 6. FZ1-S $20 100 7. FZ1-S ABS $21 100 8. XJR1300 $17 250 9. YZF-R6 $23 100 10. YZF-R1 $29 800 11. XT1200 Z (Tenere) $29 800
  6. Went down to HL Show room and had a look at the Tenere 1200. Awesome!!! Its bloody tall bike. On the main stand, I have to tip-toe to reach the floor!!! Very very confortable seat. OOOOH the calling is very strong!!!!
  7. Hello, Are we meeting at GP R&R or Esso station? I think better meet at GP R&R and have a light makan first.
  8. My rectifier died on me again! Happened last wednesday. Got my bike back today. Lucky managed to find replacement! Blessing in disguised, luckily not on our way up north!!! DOne all the servicing already. If you guys changed your spark-plug, keep the old ones as spare.
  9. I went to Hong Leong today and spoke to one the sales manager. Yamaha Tenere 1200 coming in mid July, already got 3 booking. Machine price is about $26000, on the road about $29000......
  10. Bro, Garage Sale somebody selling the mirrors, not sure if they will fit XJR. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=290911&highlight=koso+mirror
  11. Hello, Any of you guys planning to change tyre b4 the trip? My front tyre botak already!!! Where can get cheap?
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