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  1. http://www.sportphotogallery.com/content/images/products/Sports/2641999/main/2641999-product.jpg Hi everybody, I have an Arai Phil Read replica in mint condition for sale. Perfect for vintage and classic bikes. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/387045-WTS-Arai-Full-Face-550-Kadoya-JAPAN-Leather-Gloves
  2. Saw your bike again yesterday. So nice and shiny . I can't ride my W400 there cause I'm a recruit.
  3. Saw a gold CB400F at Kranji Camp 3 HRI block yesterday. Is the owner here?
  4. Personally, I feel that the quick release is not really safe and I dont want to get into any trouble. But the helmet I am intending to buy only comes with the quick release. Does anybody know where I can have the straps changed to a D-Ring instead?
  5. saw a cb400f/cb350f at lentor last night around 1am or so. nice bike!
  6. how about CB125 or CB175 or any other vintage 2B bikes? should i try and look for one of these or just get a CG125 and convert it to CB100?
  7. i'm seriously considering CG125 now but just curious how is it compared to a CB100? will it be feasible if i convert a CG125 to look like a CB100? is it technically possible (e.g will the tank and seats of CB100 fit CG125?) i've been reading this thread for quite a bit and saw that 736cc had this idea too. just hoping that it will work.
  8. hey guys. can anybody introduce me a reliable classic/vintage 2B bike? interested in getting one but have totally no idea what to get.
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