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  1. bro, im very interested in ur bike.. i haf pm-ed u.. get back to me ya..
  2. how u noe its empty bro.? i used to haf a monoshock absorber with the 'can' n i got cheated by the bikeshop.. i bought the can with the coca cola logo but inside the 'can', it contains diet coke.. i got so upset with the incident, i didnt ride my bike for 3 days... haiz....
  3. besok kemungkinan besar ade Open Mobilisation ya.. Standby Whatsapp... Nites darling...
  4. Evening guys. Last night, an idea struck a few of us about the next outing, we would wanna make it into a BBQ/Picnic day which starts from morning and ends by night time. Time for a change basically, this BBQ/Picnic will be open to those who can contribute a small amount for the things needed that day and of course you could bring your family too. The date chosen will be the 24th of this month, a Sunday. This is not a suggestion as the few of us who came up with this idea would like to see it happen. So we'd like to see a raise of hands on who wants to be part of this. *Confirmatio
  5. come on guys... any takers? something different this time ya.. pls put your name in the list...
  6. he's getting the plastic basket in jb.. i tink its for the ducati lah bros..
  7. Huh???? Eh Tak Apa La Kan.. Happy Foruming...
  8. Orang baru cakap "Sombong Taik".lol...
  9. A.M?? wow.. im hungry bro, western.com soon ya.. on you of cos.. depan mata pun taknak tegor.. puuik.... amcm cakap.? burok sgt ke kita ni bro??
  10. ur full tank can get how many clicks(mileage) bro?
  11. wa caya sama lu bro.. Eh , tak apa laa kan.. Happy-foruming ...
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