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  1. Dear forumers, The bike is still available but it was my fault that I didn't log in to check in box. I had replied all messages and please whatsapp me at 92375699. Please do not call as I'm stationed full time in Overseas. Again, sorry to those bro that PMed me but I failed to reply. (Thks to kelvin90 and hexbike for the bump)
  2. Selling my FJR 2006 COE till 2026. @yasin7000 please contact me and we can discuss. +65 92375699 (only whatsapp as I'm in overseas)
  3. Dear guys, I'm selling my FJR1300 2006 due to out stationed. I was transferred to overseas since last year Nov and just got the news that it will be permanent. The bike renewed COE 10 years on 2016 April (7.5 years left). I bought the bike 2014 at $12k and spend another $6.5K for COE. The bike is full of dust but will do a full servicing and necessary repair (if any). Tires are almost new and bike is still in good condition. A good polish and it will look great. New battery 4 months ago. The bike is laid up this year April and need a new inspection but everything will be done a
  4. at the traffic light, I notice many ppl have a habit of throttle follow by biting point... maybe this contributed to high fc... I always biting point then throttle... same for 2nd gear where there will be a uncomfortable pull back but hey... I wanted every ounce of petrol goes into pumping the piston as much as possible...
  5. I tried what you said for the past 2 days... not working for me... no matter how slowly I accelerated, once hit 6500 the vtec activated and the engine sound diff...
  6. Bro

    The s4 wi

  7. No No No... bro... nothing to worry about... I face the same thing here... after ur first oil change u will feel the differences in power and fuel consumption will improve... My guess is the original oil in the engine is really thick to protect for the first 800km... Anybody have a different advise?
  8. MSDS

    Safety officer

    Whao bro... I think u have greater mind... ur signature... "Do not trouble trouble unless trouble troubles you" send me scratching my head for few seconds before understanding the phrase... LOL
  9. Sure shchan03 can u email me at [email protected]?

  10. Hi shchan03,


    No problem, but I'll need your email address...

    email me at [email protected]

  11. Hi MSDS,

    It's great of you to share your experiences.

    I've got a request for you. Do you happen to have a risk management register template and if yes can you kindly forward to me.


    Thks and nice knowing you.

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