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  1. Thanks. So I assume you just have to sandpaper the edges you want to stick together, and then apply superglue? What sort of glue did you use?

  2. Hey, I read on one of the threads that you fixed a cracked fairing on your own. Mind letting me know what you used, how you did it and how much the whole procedure cost?


    My fairings are cracked all around the screws and I want to find some way to stick them back together so they stop flapping about.


    Thanks in advance!

  3. The past two mornings, I've seen this girl on a red Fino riding down Dunearn Road in a pencil skirt. Cool! Scooters are best if you ride in a pencil skirt. If you ride in looser or lighter skirts, just put on a pair of full length tights and you can ride just about anything.
  4. Not really what? I used to park there at 9am everyday and there were always ample lots from the second floor onwards.
  5. How often do you guys replace your batteries? What about the rectifier?
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