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  1. I'll contact the seller directly!


    Deleted the contacts as this is a public viewing area!


  2. Hi bro interested in yur akra,willing to exchange for a full termi?can drop me a SMS at 97535351

  3. Haha,yup,i was at stirling rd to hf a quick lunch n den off for another session,i jz finish my morning session n am now bac home, am glad that my cling clang is doing its job well,haha,u were driving rite rockoil cz thats the worst timing to ride a Duke, burn you to the core......
  4. Hi gd am,Popeye,hf a safe trip n take care,well no worries abt d oil cap as I almost forgot abt it,was great to be able to get u at such a short notice,didnt expect such a good turnout.Good frens n company n not forgettin our passion makes every meetup a wonderful experience,your Ducati jz landed n prob wil colect it soon,wil pass to u wen u r back bro. A warm welcome to Rockoil, Brandon, Jonathon,Willy n Edwin,great to hf u guys around,hope to c u guys more often on d meetup,wil msg u guys on upcomin event. @terence,d termi on d 996 swee leh,engraved sumore,ai beh chio leh,haha @Edwin,yr
  5. Hi bros, i am suggesting a meet up tonite at D usual place,8pm,popeyedon is leaving tmo for a mth, hope to c u guys,its jz a personal invite, Northerners,if u can,do come down n we can talk abt horticulture,lol
  6. The in house Ducati Engineer has spoken, Brandon, listen to Red Rocket, he is d man too, there r too many I am d Man here, haha, lol, anyway, Welcome Brandon, another Northerner, i can count at least close to 20 Dukes in the North now....hehe....no offense to the other 3 sectors, Its a fine day today with clear sky, time to take in some nice cool breeze and I am toying with a surveillance cam that I am trying to fit on my Duke. @Bro Ohayo, saw you toying with a cute little surv cam on that meetup,how much is it? thought you were fooling me but I later discovered it to be true,very cleverly
  7. Haha,bro,welcome bac home,ive fitted my cling clong n took it for a ride,its awesome,.far more feel than d wet clutch,n d sound,its music to my ear,ive got 2 guys commented dat my stock is louder n dat its got more bass...d best comment was frm Iamdaman, i quote,"I can hear u coming bro",its a proper Duke now...did a bit of settin wif d preload adjusters,nice ride,nice sound,like yr new avatar,its a Termi,wen my place is ready,Ducati park for free at my place in Bt Indah....only Ducati.....
  8. Hi Leon, Thanks n I am reali excited n can't wait to collect it ltr,wohoo, I am now on course n wil drop by Minerva to collect it ltr, crossing my finger that all goes well. Thanks
  9. Hi Meng,im sendin d Duke in tomorrow n wil pick it up on thurs late afternoon. Im afraid I cant be there to watch the conversion as I have something to attend to. Thanks Meng.
  10. Hi all,was at minerva jz now n saw a 3rd 848 Evo stealth in d showroom, cool,its officially confirmed mine wil b converting to d one n only Evo SP on thurs,cross my fingers,hopin for no hitches,i wil bring it down on fri meetup. @fesa,u deciding d location for this fri meetup, privy for d meetup,i hf jz come across some interesting info on d current issue(secret) @jan,hold yr order first,u wil luv dis news, till friday
  11. Hi pumkin head,wil b down this thurs for d conversion den i wil tell u d whole damage,im excited wif d cling clang too,bet u r,wil prob post a vid of it wen im done dis thurs,specially for u to drool.....Popeyedon Duke is jz like yours...
  12. its at 930pm onwards,can u pass me yr contact number so i can inform u of any updates abt tmo,tks bro

  13. Hi there


    what time will it be? i've sent my duc to the bikeshop already

  14. hi bro,tmo meetup at hans,upp thomson,near springleaf,pls reply

  15. Hi Fesa

    My contact is 98510763, tks

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