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  1. almost...but have to spend quite a bit so decided not to though the bike came with full system & everything....now wait and see zx6

  2. u riding kawa10?

  3. let me translate: kawan kau /budak budak kau /SCB tak di jemput.
  4. wah!!!!! what the "f"ish u all taking about??????:faint::faint:
  5. Can but u must buy ticket from official kelvin.
  6. the handphone no not in use??? did u press the right no???? nevermind maybe mon i give u a cal k:thumb:
  7. hahahah u think im a small boy ah???? i dont wack people, i make friends with them:angel: better make friends than enemies:thumb:
  8. Wah :angel:suddenly this thread got so many newbie:angel:
  9. :cheer::cheer: give me front seat.
  10. :: :slapforehead: U want some? come & get it.( John Cena)
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