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  1. Just now went to tampines, saw a Vara. It a FY plate. Forget about the number. Yellow in colour. Does it belong to anyone here?? Wanted to sit on it but scared drop it. The look of it does not seem big to me. I believe that the owner lower his bike cos i feel it is very low to me. -Btw the seat hight can be adjust one izit?? -Mind to check what is the lates model for vara? Seem like got 2005 model and 2007 model. Pls correct me if i am wrong. -So what the different between 05 and 07? -WHat is the bike price for a 2007?? Cos currently no one is selling it.
  2. hiz guys, am looking around the forum for a 1L adventure bike. Cant affort a BMW GS so looking for a cheaper deal. Would have some question to ask u user before commit to it. 1. Was wandering if my height is 165, is the bike too tall for me? 2. What is the latest model whereby i can find in the market? 3. I have find the honda web site, didnt see any of it? Who is selling it? 4. What is FC like ie. xx KM/L 5. Any rider face any problem with it??? Thank to u if anyone can answer my question.
  3. i am back home. Hiz. u should not u turn. The jam only at malaysia custom. Bike able to squzee through. At spore side. I too only 5 min to clear the custom.
  4. most pro is going ba. Btw i got a noob question to ask. I have been a long long ago i been to malaysia. Do i still need to write the white card?? The rest no change right from spore to tuas need cash card. reach malaysia passport only right?? the toll is how much now?? last time is $1.30 rm. (still the same)
  5. there is 1 money changer over at the r&r before gp esso. Dont know got open on sunday somemore so early. There is another place also can change which is the petrol station (esso of pertronas). Just go to the counter and change with the casher. But the changing rate is $1 sin is to $2rm.
  6. Good afternoon all. Btw 219 got sell some sunglassess. My frd just bought it lst week for 8 dollars. Got a few quite nice. Go take a look.
  7. this is my number. pls msg me if got changes. 93883674 Jack
  8. i think u all use msn to chat better.
  9. btw i am slow rider. Hope u all dont mind.
  10. lolz thought going to a swim!! hehe... Stuff mention is all ready. Cya.....
  11. Okie be there. I ride a fazer 1 07 blue. Btw what the program for the day?? any extra stuff need to bring?? Have take note of this number 97873752. Will call if got any changes.
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