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  1. Thanks for the reply , so for coming to a stop from 2nd gear its brake clutch then change to 1st gear mean no need brake again with front and rear brake cause i thought it will be clutch in then change to 1st gear then brake front and rear? Thanks again
  2. I'm still stuck at first lesson 1st gear but now moving to 2nd gear. What i want to know is from 1st to 2nd gear when your toe flip up the gear will it mistakenly go to 3rd gear cause I'm afraid that will happen . if i shift gear and it will stop at 2nd gear i will have no problems but if i need to remember where 3rd 4th gear is through muscle memory then i needed more practice. if it simple then i just need to rev then clutch in then kick up the to 2nd gear not worrying it will go to 3rd if its impossible to go from 1st to 3rd gear then let go of the clutch slowly and fully and throttle. Then when stopping just off throttle then clutch in and front and rear brake? is this right? how do you get better at clutch and throttle, still hard to find the sweet spot for throttle. i read you have to put your wrist perpendicular to the bar on on the throttle but then the instructor ask me to grip it higher?
  3. So after my orientation today morning i try to book for practical 1 for class 2b but earliest is jan 3th at ssdc but luckily i waited noon and i saw someone sell their slot at night same day, For you guys is practical 1 class 2b must wait more than 2 weeks when you guys book it during covid? Now if i bought on 3rd jan i cannot see if other will sell it last minutes thats why wondering if can be lucky again.
  4. Any tips to get earlier practical test? Most have to wait 2 week plus. I lucky get on the day itself after orientation at night?
  5. lots of angry lonely men here who been tossed aside like a used tampon
  6. plan to register for 2b at ssdc but the one beside amk police station still open for class 2b as of aug 2010. i check the website like open but i heard also they moving to woodland. what do they mean by practical test vehicle rental? from what i understand its for practical test and is the rental $15 plus on top of $20 plus for lesson? when i go for circuit practical lesson do i have to pay rental? thanks for any answers
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