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  1. Anthony. How are you man? I lost your contact and I remembered your nick in SBF. So I thought I'd try here to reach you. Your last post here was back in 2009. Not sure if you will read this.haha. Contact me at 98760046 to catch up/keep in touch.ciao for now. rizal.

  2. Bro, I also went up to KL on my 125Z leh.. You wanna meet up over coffee and I share with you some photos of the trip??
  3. Not forgetting to mention that you gotta invest in a half cap. Eh bro, my 'shoei' half cap you interested??
  4. Bro, with my 125Z short wind shield in place, you can travel faster while on the NSH... Ai Mai?? :cheer:
  5. I have dude. I used to fit it in my 125Z. Dunno if its too small for ya... You interested? Can meet up over coffee to view it.
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