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  1. Hi Thanks for dropping by my Thread. I Have a cash Sales that i book with 219 for their service. But Didn't proceed in the end. And till date ive sold my bike and driving, Hence no point holding on to this. The Boss allow me to transfer this to anyone who is keen. I Paid a deposit at $280. Decide to let go at $200. Your Gain My Loss. You save $80 this way. No Bargin please. Already Loss $80. Thanks Interested you can contact me at Nine two 3 56 one 3 one. Whats app or message.
  2. i also new, cant give any gd pointer. haha. PS. still learning

  3. No lah. Cause i also kinda new to class2 bikes. So hoping can get some pointer from u.

    Cheers bro!

  4. 2nd hand. why?

  5. yoz bro!

    U got ur R6 1st hand or 2nd hand ar??



  6. Hey! Rmb me? NS16.

  7. i will keep on help u change till u like?then spend sometime at the bikeshop with u and monitor the progress lo..haha $30 too ex ah? anyway text me luh easier to discuss..=)

  8. Bro, how about $25? but the design i don like how?

  9. anyways i've came up with a rough idea of how ur bike will look alr..=)

  10. bro i thought about it..i can design for u but at a small small fee for my effort. cool?

    anything drop me a msg 81633739 =)

  11. guys tonite and tml nite 7-11PM V-power at the price of 998. =)
  12. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=230729136947392&set=a.228688770484762.58262.146105272076446&type=1&theater Please show support to this photo too guys. Thanks for helping to like my photo.
  13. hi guys please help me like this photo. https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo.php?fbid=230521123634860&set=a.228688770484762.58262.146105272076446&type=1&theater I going for a photo compitation. could need some help here. SImply just like my photo will do. Thanks!
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