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  1. 1) Some people cannot afford to pay cash for the bike, so they need to go through a shop to arrange a loan. Some shops may offer something like a very limited warranty on used bikes, but I generally would say it's not worth a large price difference. If you are a total newbie, speak to a mechanic, have the seller ride the bike there, and pay for a quick bike checkup - money very well spent. 2) Bikeworkz at 10 Kaki Bukit Road 2 have a lot of experience with baby Varas, and many previous owners trusted them with their bikes. 3) Availability of aftermarket parts is not great, as the bike is
  2. Noticed (a little late) that Triumph has released new ECU tunes (for the 2010 - 2014 models of Tiger 800 and XC) including variations for ABS/non-ABS and Arrow exhaust tunes. These look to have been released in Sep 2016 - great to see Triumph still supporting the older models.
  3. hey andrei,

    Nicholas here. i was riding the super4 that day when we got lost during the top up session. I should be placing an order from the bike website soon. so if you want to get the bluetooth intercom set we talked about that day, we can ship it in together to meet the minimum price requirements. do drop me an sms at 97720117 soon. I will be away from tmr till monday. will reply u asap. or email me at [email protected]. hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Thanks kerolz and good luck with the sale. And thanks everyone for the top up tonight, good fun and good food as usual.
  5. Interested in buying the givi side rack and panniers if you are selling separately. Thanks!
  6. Wah, what bulb from what shop? I blur. How many watt and how do I know it will fit?
  7. Sign me up for the top-up this saturday and for Mersing. Any tips on where I could get a rack for side boxes? And it looks like one of my headlight bulbs died, can anyone recommend a replacement?
  8. I am very much interested in this Mersing idea, unless something last minute comes up. Or you change your minds and go somewhere sian like Melaka.
  9. I'm probably going go-karting on Sunday, so I won't be joining the top-up session. In other non-related questions, where exactly is the battery on a vara?
  10. I'll be there Sat at around 10am.
  11. Is it the one at 157 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1? Thinking about dropping by on Saturday, are they open? Don't need you to bring me in unless you also have something to do there. Or do I need you to make sure I don't get chopped?
  12. I've only been Melaka once, sian already, nothing to do there. I'm thinking about a long week-end in Tioman (leave Sat come back Mon or Tue), I believe I can get the bike on the ferry from Mersing?
  13. Want to take my Vara for servicing soon, what was that place in the east you guys recommended? Anyone want to come along and introduce me? Also having a bit of a problem with my signals, they are not blinking (just staying on). Oh, and anyone have a bike manual (for the v1)?
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