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  1. yoz, still rem me ? how are you?

  2. u r rite..by next week will confirm getting anot..got to work out the sums with shops..
  3. hi all , i might be trading in my FJR for tmax soon. most of the question i gg to ask might have been asked before,kindly endure and help me with answers. 1- does the gearbox shaft will have problems easily? 2- is the whole transmission system durable? as in the gears,rollers and beltings etc 3- how often does tmax need to change battery and recifier? 4- other then online shopping for aftermarket stuffs anywhere local can get it? really appreciate all your inputs..cheers
  4. i dun mind organise lah..but local only..overseas i yet to go..havent try my FJR in boleh land...keke...come come come inputs.. karlsen i m waiting for u~
  5. u organise lor.. keke ...late nite kopi impossible for me.i have a lot of night shifts..other timing i m okie..
  6. bro, most of us quite busy i suppose..not say not keen, keen but no time to go..keke
  7. go youtube see even better.only high speed is fun, low speed like terry mention hard to handle..just wondering, who has semi suto FJR in this forum? pls come forward and enlighten us..
  8. dat time was curious how much it would cost,then even before i could know the price,they told me no more liao..
  9. bro..u mention half yr ago, i got my fjr 2.5mths ago, i m right lah.some more yours is bike pro, i call heong leong.......
  10. that i dont really know, why not u just call up and ask, wouldnt it be better? maybe they dun come in or u can indent..i not sure bro, i only rem they tell me mei you lai liao.
  11. if i rem correctly,HL dont come in clutchless anymore,before i bought my fjr i did called up ask abt it.u have to check with them again.
  12. bike mart selling 3 fjr..2 silver one black..
  13. Andr3w

    bro, seems from ur posting, we maybe from the same ministry..haha..care to share..

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