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  1. No problem you are welcome.

    You may continue to ask any question when arise esp if you are first timer to such trip.

  2. thanks for ur valuable information

  3. I nv think of any1 la I quting my job ... going to tender tml ba
  4. Maybe not a nick it ask him join a group that 299 1
  5. Dnu worry . Gal only mah . We respect gal here. Too bad my partner not going if not u can share with us. Cos my partner is a gal .
  6. Hey it okei i take yr place if all dun mind
  7. Mornign every1 . any1 phone got autoroam so i can call when u in thailand
  8. other group have .. so far simon group dun have. Come be the first and only group in simon group . dun worry simon experience guy
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