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  1. Any recommendation for laptop? For office use, need CD-player, not too ex, not heavy, and lasting.
  2. For the sake of yourself & your future, don't vote for PAP.
  3. PAP is to blame for high COE. COE is supposed to control vehicle population, and thus traffic jam. Instead, record high COE price with Record traffic jam, record breakdown in MRT with record profits, does it make sense? It only show our PAP scholars ministers, who pay themselves super high, are simply incompetent. They are not fit for any use in society. We have so many Foreign Trash today, because PAP is Trash too. Today, many FT can buy cars with full payment on the spot, they are not affected by recent loan restriction. Do IRAS & MAS investigate where their money come from??? With Casino, how to investigate, except cause many to bankrupt, not to mention recently cases where casino cause civil servants to go to jail. With 6.9 million, more Foreign Trash, COE will go up, traffic jam will be more jam, more breakdown in MRT, not to mention, more PMET jobs lost to Foreigners. The only way is to vote PAP out. PAP is giving our future & next generation for sake of Foreign Trash, so vote wisely.
  4. I worked in a consultancy firm A. It deploy staff on various sites to provide services to clients. I was deployed in site AA. The apponitment letter from company A stated that when I resigned, I can not work in site where I was deployed (in this case Site AA) for 12 months. 6 months later, after resigned from Company A, I work in site AA under company B. In theory, company A can sue it. But it is easy for company A to sue me over this?
  5. Any 1 knows where I can buy Chocolate coins, wrapped in gold colour paper?
  6. "It said she was not wearing a seatbelt and she was ejected from the van." It seems many of us overlook this point in the report. Many of us do not wear seatbelt when we are at backseat, & especially in taxi. It is too late to react when you see danger. This incident remind us of the death of Princess Diana, in car accident of 1998 (can't remember the exact year, but around that time). She & her boy friend were in back seat, without seat belts. They died when the vehicle they were travelling went out of control. Whatever conspiracy theory about her death (Secret services, murder attempt etc) is, both of them may be alive today, if not for seatbelt. Seatbelt saves lives. Let use it if you are in 4 or more wheels, front or back.
  7. Any one know if there exist handphone that is able to record all telephone conversation?
  8. I can not view video from youtube etc. Some programs must be missing from my computer. Can anyone tell where to download the program? Tks!
  9. “When there is intense rain, the drains will overflow.” Mr Choy Wai Kwong, the assistant director of PUB’s catchment and waterways department proclaimed proudly during a briefing at the site, 3/Jun/11
  10. These 2 statements contriadict each other lah. You may not drunk after 1 can of beer, but this does not means you are below the limit. The best is: - If you drunk, dont drink" Drunk people will not think they are drunk, until too late. If you intend to drink, take BMT lah - Bus MRT Taxi. If you have ride and have drunk, leave it there. Better to have bike wheel champ for overnight parking than pay government thousand $$$ to keep your licence.
  11. You remember you use to work for only $5/Hr. When was that? You also know there are people who works less than $4/Hr. This is 20% decrease, and you think this decrease pay can enable you to cope with climbing Swiss cost of living? With $4/hr, you sure can buy 3 rooms flat easily, because MBT said it is affordable. Wiith $4/hr, you sure can pay class C hosiptal bills easily, because TPL say it is low & afforable. with $4/Hr, you sure can pay for Polytechnic & Unversity fee. SG is one of few countries without miminium wages, and the only country with disproportion salary & increases pay-rise of ministries. So what impact on business cost more - miminium wages or huge pay for ministries & top civil servants - plus 8 months bonus for minstries, plus already huge salary, plus huge pay increase, plus allowance, plus free medical, plus pension etc. aren't these added much to business cost? Lastly, Ex Speaker of Parliment Mr Tan Soo Khoon pointed rightly that "Government fees and charges contributing to the cost of doing business" http://www.mof.gov.sg/budget_2003/debate_speech/pg14.html Gambling is never just "we are adults, everyone has to bear consequences of their actions". If it is, then no need exclusion etc already. Gambling make innocent children suffer, many families broken, many divorce, many crimes. Is this worth the 1.2% of GDP in 1.5Km * 1.5Km? Which bigger picture you are avoiding, serious social problem that will pull our economic down or short term gain of 37.5% gambling tax? Or may be increase in tax collection due to pawn shops booming business and law firms doing divorce case. Most of all, if much % of your club/country main income come from jackpot, then you must have no conscience, hope that your customers lost more & more $$$, so that you have better salary & bonus. In the past, it is impossible to imagine NS of less than 2 years, so is 5 days week. I do not see why 1 year is not possible in future. Some countries had NS less than 1 year. The problem is not if NS is necessary, but why locals are losing so much to Foreign Talents because of NS? Imagine Foreign Talents become Citizens by about age 30, while you have 5-10 years more of reservist to do till 40 years. Do you mind these Foreign Talents to be your supervisor, and see you as problem with your weeks of in-camp training, for 10 years? losing $$$ billions aftermath of Lehman Brothers fall, and no accountability of it, is "good Governance"? Yes, "the party managed to steer us clear out of the 2008/2009 recession, fast, effectively and smoothly" how? Continue influx of Foreign Talents, replacing locals, causing more locals to be jobless or salary depressed. Yes, with foreign Talents replace local during recession, business cost sure lower, we get out of recession fast effectively and smoothly. Let see how "Good Governance" managed Orchard Road flood 1984, Orchard road was flooded http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Story/A1Story20100616-222377.html 1999, New Paper stated Orchard road will never flood http://singapore-lighthouse.blogspot.com/2010/06/freak-flood-again-now-at-orchard-road.html 2009 Nov 23, Highly pay Enviroment & water resource minister said the flooding in Bukit Timah was once in 50 years event. http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Singapore/Story/A1Story20091123-181624.html Less than 50 weeeks later, beginning of series of 6 floods http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Singapore_floods#Wednesday.2C_16_June_2010 2011 May 4, flood at Ang Mo Kio, Bishan. 1st time, and more to come? http://news.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Story/A1Story20110504-277114.html Highly pay but can not deliver, is "Good goverance" to you? letting some countries to join a single Euro currency is a mistake, if you understandhow currency is valued. Also, ask yourself, why bailouts are mainly from Euro zone countries? BTW, do you think PAP not issues Treasury Bills before? It is easy to see that USA & Europe had difficulties sterring clear. But it is foolish to think that sub-prime mortage (yes, the term sub-prime mortage is out-dated, so guess why i used "old term") will not repeat here. Just look at good goverance of MBT. Your example of mineral water is no diffeent from Dr Balakrishnan, when replied Lily Neo in 2007 parliment sitting "How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?" http://www.todayonline.com/Hotnews/EDC110505-0000085/PAP-is-facing-a-tough-election--Vivian Tap water is necessities, but not mimeral water. Drinking Tap water in SG wont harm. Swiss has 2 ties of VAT (SG version of GST), 2.4% for basic necessities, and 7.6% for the rest. They have a strict list of what is necessities, e.g. basic bread, jackets etc, and what is not, e.g. computer games etc. If you buy basic bread & abolane at the same time, you pay 2 different VAT. Contrary to what you think, it is not difficult to have 2 tie GST, since our ministeries are highly educated, and earning much more than ministries in Switzerland, who have been doing these for years.
  12. How can dump opposition MP vote someone like George Yeo's out? Only work hard and work smart can achieve this. Opposition never have free ride. Evidence? won 39.9% of vote, but with 7.3% of seats only The opposite is true: Opposition always has much more bumpy ride, something not suitable for low quantity leaders.
  13. This is 1 area where we often only hear the story by PAP, we need FT becuase Singaporean not willing to take jobs some jobs like construction or service sectors etc. Why many FT are given jobs like Admin, Book-keeping, customer services, doctors etc white collars jobs? Is it because these jobs not few Singaporean wanna do? If the answer is no true, then is it more than the eye tha Singaporean siam jobs like construction or services sectors etc. Likewsie, why are our taxes given to Foreigner to study NUS NTU in scholarship? Because these courses Singaporean avoid?
  14. Learn from their mistake? fat hope. At 2006 election, they had the lowest vote count since 1991. They did some souls searching. and the result are: 1) Increase GST 2) Increase Ministers' pay 3) Increase in Foreign Talents to take away our jobs 4) Increase Unversity places for Foreign talents (with scholarship), at the expanse of your next generation. 5) Increase Housing price 6) Increase COE 7) Incresse Traffic Jams 8) Increase Public Transport & car vehicles ownership cost 9) increase Utilities cost 10) Increase health care cost - remember Mean test was postponed on even of 2006 elections to swing vote? The list go on. with PAP holding 82/87 seats, it is more likely that we are downraded from seconda citizen to 3rd class already. IF PAP had listen to us, some or all the following will happen 1) MBT, Raymond Lim, Vivian Balakristina, WKS & TPL etc should be out 2) all so call Foreign Talents will be send back without delay 3) PR status be withdraw to those who just completed teritray education 4) PR status terminated to those so call Foreign Talents 5) Citizenship denied to those who not do NS 6) No more GRC
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