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  1. at least i enjoy everytime i sat on it.. never gave me any problem at all..
  2. hmm, FI bike dat change exhaust and filter will hav e tendency stall be it how many cc. cos yr fuel and air ratio changed.. juz do some tuning and it be good as usual.. wats e worry? lol.. like i said earlier post.. every bike have its own problem, be it 1 day old or 10 years old.. ducati or yamaha.. not saying fuoco is a very great bike.. but it really depends on how u see it.
  3. fuoco and mp3 400 has e same engine.. so..
  4. i ask asp b4, 15.5 w/o insurance i itink..
  5. I may juz keep e bike a lil longer.. Stil enjoys it.. Might hav a lil prob if yr foot barely on e floor wif s4.. Cos e height is not very hight but e width is big.. So yr leg will open bigger, hence a lil hard to rest both feet.. I ard 1.74 also tip toe a lil..
  6. Haa.. 99.9% of stops i make, both leg will down.. lol
  7. fuoco width is not as big as it looks.. about e same as other maxi scoot.. no prob lane splitting.. except for really tight squeeze, mirror sometimes may hit other car mirror.. many have e mindset dat fuoco or mp3's dun really need to put their legs on e floor when come to a stop. yes, u really can dun put yr leg down, unless u really master e timing of engaging it cos its has about 1 sec delay for e time u press to e time it really locks it. it goes e same when u throttle off.. 1 sec delay b4 it dis-engage itself. actually there r some factor u need to observe using it when riding, like i
  8. hi, any details on yr bike? any accessories?

  9. hi chubb, u looking for a vstrom 650 ? Can I know ur expectations and budget?




  10. Hi Chubb, am interested in maybe getting a fuoco. Know where i can get a cheap and good one? Thanks.

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  12. i also tot so but cannot be ma.. if wan leak it shd hav leak long ago.. i found my voltage v funny after i install e new bulbs.. so i swap 1 to LED again.. den today go down left 8.9v lol.. e bulb were e last "electrical mod" i ever done.. have to observe see how..
  13. dis morngin when i go down to see my bike suddenly battery left 8.9v i was lik wtf so i took e battery up and charged it.. wondering how does e battery leak.. any1 any idea? cos of faulty batt? can i go back agent demand for a new batt if dats e case?
  14. they say might be a faulty brake pump.. front brake was bleed and top up.. stil feels e same may drop by ADH 1 day next week..
  15. our EO only 1.5l.. no need stretch so far la.. haa.
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