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  1. yeah probably its a typo, hahaha stunned when seeing that. uncle lim: never receive any msg, my no. is 81250827
  2. uncle lim, sent you a text. anyway guys, its possible to take 30years loan? saw a r15 for coi $17 a month for 30 years
  3. cool, uncle lim owns a shop. not one but two, hahaha anyway how's the bike condition?
  4. cool, uncle lim owns a shop. not one but two, hahaha anyway how's the bike condition?
  5. might be interested, do you have any pic? and location for viewing?
  6. REALLY?!?! any idea how much is it?
  7. yeah was wondering if that guy put up the price cause he thought its a sure-deal. i intended to take over the loan of the seller. the last time i asked for a quote at yishun, 3rd party is only 700 and now it increased further
  8. may i ask how much is your insurance? actually was supposed to get my cbr today but i under-calculated and out of my budget by 1k+ so didnt get it. i was quoted 1.6k+ for second party, and 1k+ for first party. one doubt, is newer bike (1.5 y/o compare to 3 y/o) insurance more expensive? guess i still have to wait for better lobang, and save up in the meanwhile.
  9. yeah okay with me, currently still looking for better deals.

    your coe ends in 2014 right? contact me again when you are letting it off

  10. i thought of letting my bike go on march..ok wif u?

  11. re-training is something like pract 8, the instructors will bring you out for quite a few rounds, then rest would be circuit. went for circuit today after a month of rest and its pretty screwed
  12. congrats man, you are still a student @Wonderless? wont it be taxing to take loan? will take about a day for them to update the system, try it tmr!
  13. goodluck guys! @ninnypants, 2 bikes when turning right and 1 bike when u-turn. same for all junctions
  14. oh i didnt know you can do that, where is TA btw? and how much would a overhaul of vespa cost, including the spraying& engine etc?
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