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  1. May we wish you the turn for the better with regards to luck. I'll try to make it as layman as possible. Things to consider: 1. The vehicle's dashcam may have recorded your license plate 2. Incidents like these (or even minor / major accidents) usually would get raised to his/her insurance. You ought to have raise this with your insurance as well - your insurer will try to be understanding, just tell them what went wrong. 3. But expect your next year insurance to go up (if the car driver decides he doesn't want to forgive and foot the repair bill and raises this with his insurer > which will then summon your insurer... Both your insurer and his insurer will arbitrate (professional argument over who is 100% wrong and have to pay for the damage repair) 4. If the resultant arbitration shows you're completely in the wrong, no worries at the moment - your insurer will try to manage the repair bill. 5. But because of #4 above, your next year's insurance renewal premium (price) will increase... Somebody gotto foot that damage cost eventually ma... There's one small complication... you should have been courteous to stop alongside the driver, and exchange name and details. We don't know if he's frustrated now cos this looks like a hit and run, and whether he has additionally reported this to TP (usually accidents are settled without TP or Police unless its very jialat). Your license won't get suspended immediately but if TP gets wind of what happened, they may decide to give you demerit points and a couple hundred fine for reckless riding) * for a P plate, the one offense that can I can think of that can cause you to get high demerit points away from a suspension is beating the red light. Anyways the list of demerit point offenses is on the SPF website. Have a look there. Anyways just let your insurer know immediately, play as an honest motorist, tell them completely what happened - they will try to lessen the "damage" if the driver did indeed go to his insurer and the results show you're at fault.
  2. I was from the period of time years ago where bikes and bikers were many, many gave positive reviews about the Honda Super 4. It's a reliable workhorse and many shops can do efficient maintenance on it. Great for short distances and even long ones up to Malaysia. It's not a strong necessity in my opinion, but is a good plus. Or if you're itching to try something with slightly more power then yeah, if you'd like. All depends on the individual. But one thing is probably evident, it takes harder effort for bikes with smaller brake horsepower (BHP) to keep up with traffic. It's not about license Classes anymore, it's about type of bike: 2B sportsbike - sportsbikes are engineered to rev high to gather pickup - this surge of power good for racetracks - that you can use, probably able to keep up with your usual car drivers or traffic. 2B kupchai - it's light and I notice if people ram the throttle it can keep up with cruising traffic 2B motard/dirt bike - its long rectangular piston designed for quick spurts of power for climbing/jumping steep obstacles - this you can try to match that of a sportbike in terms of pickup. Refer abovementioned 2B leisure street or scooters - not sure but I do see them keep left and probably want to carry a leisurely speed while everything passes them by. So it depends on you: are you a spirited rider, or just a leisurely one. * you'll be surprised sometimes 2B sportsbikes can sometimes outrun 2A road-posture bikes in some areas. Hence its not about bike class nowadays. Hope this helps in your decision
  3. Bikers being foodies as well, got another good excuse to ride down to McDonald's liao! - Curry Sauce bottle @ $5.50 (with Value Meal purchase) - Spicy McNuggets - Passionfruit pie - Peach McFizz (kinda like sprite with peach syrup added)
  4. Mazda USA has filed an issue report about this matter to the USA authorities. The AI computer in some cars making it e-brake even though there's no obstacles. Link: https://insidemazda.mazdausa.com/press-release/statement-on-recall-of-certain-2019-2020-my-mazda3-vehicles/ Wonder if our right hand drive ones have seen such issues too here
  5. No more just simply signing up Facebook Messenger with just your phone number, All new signups require a full Facebook account before you can use FB Messenger Link: InputMag.com - Requires Facebook
  6. I gotto ask my seniors about this, but for me over the years I've been asking around and learning about the shops Watcha have in mind? Bukit Merah (the Ikea vicinity), Upper. Changi, Ubi Road 1, some of the handful shops you can explore.
  7. Earlier on I posted news lamenting the rumored retirement of the Hayabusa, well someone else has posted rumors Suzuki making effort to resurrect the mighty 'busa. TLDR Takeaways: Engine size increase to 1440cc, to make it Euro5 smoke compliant 2 smokin' exhaust endcans, as before Going to be slimmed down however Link: Visordown.com, Hayabusa to get Euro 5 certified I betcha its gonna come with a high tech digital cockpit as well, in line with the new bikes in the market. Hope this is real!
  8. Might be good to list down what "requirements" or maybe skills that the prospective mechanic should have. Or maybe you're hiring someone inspiring to be a bike-chanic Good luck pal
  9. Starting December 16 2019, all trainees pursuing / upgrading their driving or riding licence will have to undergo an additional Simulator set of modules. More modules to book! Link: http://bit.ly/2s1ySbC
  10. Bye bye 'busa, Suzuki to end production of one of world's fastest bikes Takeaways: 1. Dwindling sales 2. Strict emission regulations. Countries hate polluty, smoky bikes like the 11 year old' busa. 3. Sportbikes like Kawasaki H2 can now do 0-60 the same way as the haya does https://gearpatrol.com/2018/12/12/suzuki-hayabusa-ending-production/ Seems like we're the last ones standing, owning a legendary piece of history.... Sigh
  11. Get your bike repaired. Electrical system (battery + rectifier) either one is faulty. That, or the spark plug is old and fouled up. There's no fuel to begin with, so no combustion, no movement, no wear and tear damage to be worried about.
  12. Hey all, long hiatus from riding and Foruming but happy to be back to do both. Help us report any spam or trash (there's a button for that) and we'll clean it up. As always, enjoy your stay in SBF. Oh and if you *ever* have any tech or geek questions - and you feel not comfy asking elsewhere - ask away here. There's biker bros that are in the IT field like us, or very avid nerds or hobbyists that probably will help. I'll ensure you'll get your questions answered here if there's no help in sight.
  13. 1. Phones have a flexibility threshold if you bend it. The threshold rating is near to 0. In other words don't try to bend it. 2. iPhone 6+ has a bigger screen, and the camera has an added optical image stabilization feature
  14. PC Show 2014 Singapore Expo (Changi South) Halls 5 and 6 5-8 June 2014, 12pm to 9pm It's mid year and what better time to go shopping for gadgets than the upcoming PC Show next week from now. Highlights: Laptops/ computers/ tablets Audio/ Video/ Earphones/ Speakers Exhibitors from the 2 IT malls, as well as retailers like Harvey Norman, resellers like Ingram Micro A new section on the floor called "Know Your Tech". A section that showcases the tech trends in the market. Says Gillian Loh, Project Manager of Lines Exposition: “Amid a vast variety of IT products available in the market, ‘Know Your Tech’ can help consumers who may be experiencing the tech buyer’s dilemma to make informed purchasing decisions. With this new exhibition feature, visitors can expect not only the best bargains and deals from the biggest IT brands in Singapore but also an improved overall visitor experience .”
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