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  1. Durian Ride/Drive to Segamat Durian Plantation Durian Ride/Drive to Segamat Dates: 17 July 2011 Place : Segamat Durian Plantation Time to meet : TBA Place to Meet: GP Esso (2nd link) Interested 1. G450X and Anne (F800GS) 2. Jason & Beck (KTM 990) 3. Kailong & Wife (Driving) 4. Eng (Driving) 5. Ong TL (Driving) 6. Ong Ah Siew & Wife (Driving) 7. Chua KL - Passenger 8. Robin - (Driving) 9. Robin's Fren 10. Robin's Fren 11. Robin's Fren 12. Kumar & Son (Driving) 13. c4ble and Fren (Driving) - Need to pre-order for tau pau? Eat all u can at S$15 Ea
  2. Fuzzy, try writing to the Straits Times forum to complain and say LTA is not helping. With all the news on increasing premiums, LTA may be forced to respond.
  3. No sound from TS, how abt genting? I pmed you my contact.
  4. The trip still on? Still touch and go?
  5. Stay over? http://www.bgrc.com.my/home.php# Abit too late for this - http://www.deal.com.sg/deals/singapore/S120-for-3D2N-Package-at-Bukit-Gambang-Resort-City
  6. New K9 on ebay! Looks cheap and factoring in import cost of 100%, it'll still only cost about $15k. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Suzuki-SV-SV650SFK9-SV650SF-NEW-2009-SUZUKI-SV650-BLUE-WHITE-STRIPE-SALE-09-/290523089611?pt=US_motorcycles&hash=item43a4868acb
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