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  1. Hi l am looking to buy a used triumph street twin. My concern is I've read report on a world wide recall by Triumph to fix a potential wiring hardness problem of street twin, T100 n scramble made in 2016. Anyone know whether our local agent Mah Pte Ltd had carried such recall last time. TKS
  2. Hi are u interested in the road version Firestorm. Vtr1000..
  3. It's a lovely little bike. The only problem is it's seat won't endure our rainy days. It's good to invest in water proof seat cover or avoid riding in rain.
  4. Hi When u think of the huge torque produced by the v twin motor, fuel economy isn't an issue anymore. My vtr firestorm only returns 13 to 14 km per liter. Just don't make a daily transport well be fine.
  5. My VTR1000 only returns 13 to14 km per liter. When u think of the brutal torque produced by V twin engine, fuel economy isn't an issue. Just don't make it as a daily transportation.
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