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  1. Hi, I sent you a pm. =)

  2. increase my pick up top maintain...haiz too late . install liao den c this post
  3. yeah pm me price for hit clutch...the sliding rollers working gd 4 me .
  4. ya i went yesterday to fix my acerbis handguard and rollers and was told...haha...nvm...wait for new stock lor
  5. changing to small wind shield reli dropped my top by 3km/h... but bike looks nicer though
  6. anyways i jus change small windshield and acerbis handguard and new sliding roller from dr pulley...heeheehee...now looks and sound a little like scrambler too haha
  7. wah the new gpr can is like copying lv less logo and design only...copycat haha
  8. anyone experience "eee eee " sound when u tap brake ? is it brake pad finish or wat ?
  9. my oil meter siao siao one...pump full the meter anyhow jump...haha...only can rely on mileage now...is it the oil float spoil ?
  10. yeah do anything but dun get caught...outlook try maintain normal...internal mod til siao they also wun see so easily one...
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