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  1. Strange, i had the impression that excess goes into the coolant res tank.....
  2. Burning smells never mean a good thing. Go get your CDI changed unless you like having your backside on fire one fine day. LLC Cap is for coolant reservoir. Dun pour too much, there is a level indicator on the side. need to take out rear fairing in order to see it. When you start when bike is warm, throttle the bike while starting it and maintain a bit of throttle for 10-30secs. Rev more if you have to. Usually its cos of the thin air in the airbox due to heat so harder to get enough air to ignite the petrol/air mixture. No such problems in the morning/cold start as cold air is dense, he
  3. That is correct..... left 6 pts till 1 yr from last offence, provided the court case dun kena revoke.
  4. ehh... got meh? i didn't know... haha
  5. Seen those before and they're awfully expensive.....
  6. Dude.... scroll up leh..... reading through the postings very important
  7. I installed mine myself. Installation is pretty easy if you know abit of your bike. Only 2 wires to connect. +ve can be connected to a point of your choice, i.e fusebox, ignition wire(will have to splice), etc. -ve just to any ground. Then best thing of all, this voltmeter comes with a pretty long wiring so you might not even need to extend with your own wires.
  8. Urs is the black and red fm plate one issit? Hassan told me that ur carb is leaking.....n it looks quite bad..... Btw, ktkt....tink i saw u ....u were th one wearing scram helmet rite? tokked to the boss who told you that ur tube was not there in the 1st place i was the guy sitting on the chair.......lolz
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