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  1. Engine reliability wise I believe most jap bikes have got no problem. I've been riding my burgman for over 5 years and its still going strong, just need to do regular maintenance. Maintenance is generally the same for all scooters. Just change according to manufacturers specifications sure no problems. Speed is all about the same unless you are talking about going more than 120km/h on a regular basis. Height wise, the burgman is the lowest seating one. I'm 1.65 and can have both my feet touch the ground with no problems. In fact, I like it very much.
  2. Yep, I removed the damn snorkel.... After putting the snorkel back and using the stock filter my bike wasn't running lean.
  3. Whats the effect of the malossi filter? I used to use a k&n one but my spark plug seems to show that it was running lean. With the stock filter everything seemed good. What kind of effects will the Malossi have? same as the K&N? Is there stock for the Malossi filter? Thanks!
  4. Been a long time since I've been here. Hows everyone doing?
  5. I'm actually getting 28+km/l on my K3 at the moment.
  6. Juz saw a majesty sport yesterday and man, it was sweet!
  7. From what i've heard on other forums, there isn't really a chip at the back. Its more like some sort of magnet arranged in a certain format that allows you to use unlock the keyhole. Anyone can lock it using any key, but to unlock would require the correct key. If I'm not wrong you don't need to have the actual key. Any reproduced key will be able to start your bike. Only thing if someone itchy finger locks your keyhole then you are screwed. At least this is what i know for the K3, not sure about others though.
  8. Lol, not long lah, only started middle of last year.....200+ heng heng oni lah.. Btw guys, I've got a Track Uprising 13.3lb for sale. RH drilled with weight hole. Replugged once. Going for $80 neg. Interested can sms me at 98413035.
  9. Kaoz... sooner or later insurance will cost the same as the car.....
  10. Quick question, you guys ever got a burning smell coming from the back part of the bike where the exhaust, rear wheel is? It smells like burning rubber of sorts.
  11. 4.5? cannot be lah..... got so kua zhang boh? If piston rings worn you should see slightly bluish smoke from your exhaust and judging by the amount of oil loss it should be like a fumigator liao.... Should be a leak somewhere instead.....
  12. Asphoon, ok only. Not too good, not horrible either. Sales reps vary from branch to branch, some nice, some stuckup. After-sales depending on how well you know the sales rep and mech. Mah, pre-sales ok. Sales rep was so-so but details i had to ask everything. didn't explain to me. Also, quotes me a different price everytime. Aftersales, horrible. had a engine/crankcase problem which existed from day 1 hour 1 of collection which they could not solve for 3 months. Resolved at another workshop which they refused to acknowledge the cause. Had to go to small claims to get some money back. Loois, haven't tried. Maybe I'll give them a go next time.
  13. Whats up guys...... No sound liao ah....
  14. We should be more gracious to one another.... Give some and take some. At least have the common sense not to take up lots meant for others. I don't park at car lots and i'd expect the same to be done for me. Same goes for retards parking at handicap lots. I am one of those ^*^& that park on pavements sometimes as well but only when there is enough space for pple to walk on it. Blocking the whole pavement is a nono. If my bike gets pushed down when i park there then its my luck i accept it. But if cars park at bike lots and they get damaged, can the owners take it graciously? I doubt so. Why the difference in mentality? I'd dare say, if pavements were built in a way such that it was damn wide and cars could park on them without obstructing others, you would see kuku drivers park on the pavement as well. Lastly with regards to lane splitting, some of the riders do it. But even some cars like to do that as well! I've see drivers lane splitting just so that they can choose the lane that is going faster. Whether you are a driver or rider, ask yourself this question and answer HONESTLY. The keyword here is honestly, and not being morally or technically correct. If you can squeeze, will you do it? More often than not, the answer will be yes. Even for drivers. Think about it, if the situation allows, and the lanes are so bloody wide, do you think a driver will not try to squeeze between 2 cars side by side even if it means lane splitting? Another nice example would be during peak hours at expressway entrances and exits. you see a long queue of cars exiting but there are stil drivers who will go all the way to the front and try to squeeze in. Everyone's mentality is the same. Just that in whichever mode of transport they are in, they always think its right for them only.
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