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  1. we should have a meet up soon, any suggestions ?
  2. Was there yesterday for a bit , but it ain't me who plans for a ducati yet.
  3. 1198 be a better choice .. keke from a non ducati rider ~ kidding
  4. Let the number grow here ~
  5. no worries , im sure we can arrange a meet up when u`ve collected ur triple, u got a brand new triple from MAH OR used ? care to share your catch as in description of the bike? just being nosey thats all~ i see u residing at te west like me .. ahhh another tah tarik kaki . im at westwood ave dok.
  6. Think I'm in love with Duc's Paul smart 1000le haha. Wish I could have a go with it next time I see it @ your meet ups. Gonna try get a helmet mount vdo.
  7. Sweet, now I got a fix a date to hear it.
  8. way cool , the hornet is a real smooth bike tho , 600? i know they have a high mount exhaust which makes them apart from the super 4. yes im on the speed ~
  9. [email protected] u riding tonight ? nak lepak with teh tarik ! haha
  10. Hi guys , im not too sure if theres such a thread for naked big bikes of mix brands here and thus im starting this thread for info, exchanges , compare , chit chat and gathering if possible to bring like minded riders to share their experiences and etc. Those who are keen pls drop a line or two of thier bike description and make. all big naked bikes are welcome. Truimph speed triple 08
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