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    any mt09 owners that went to pasir gudang track day during 2014 still here and riding mt09? im the gsxr750 rider that went along (the only odd one out) .. i finally got my mt09 haha
  2. yah..whats that.. can join?.. dont really come here as much already
  3. sold hi all have a gsxr k1 750 clear windscreen. $20 contact 91fourfourthreezero44
  4. call your insurance and tell them about the case.. they will advise you how .. if he didn't ans your call.. take down all the date and time you called him and put that in the report.... die die go see doc first..
  5. buying from shop still got admin fee etc right?.. thing i like about buying online is i can take my time at home looking at my prefer bike and then make call to view.. for the price.. that i guess voice down to doing homework.. if you buy something before knowing prices else where.. your own karma la.. so yeah its like shopping.. take your time and enjoy the process..
  6. hi pls pm me the price for wrapping TW200 full carbon fiber or full matt black
  7. most scramble pick up is much faster
  8. lol... its up to the driver not to see leh.. but reveal = less cloths=more skin contact to the surface when fall= at your own risk
  9. i'll be keen to join and see all the chio chio vintage bike
  10. haha bro xl also too small for me that's why i meant..
  11. i went ah boy.. i asked for vintage helmet they shown me a bell style but xl my head also can't fit// the design quite nice checker type
  12. i am looking for it too.. hopefully got allowance to put the google too...
  13. coe soooo high crazy @#%$!

  14. anymore local review for this bike?? very tempted to get leh....
  15. have faith in your own design and go for it.. its tough esp if you are first to do it.. you can't please everyone if your concept is to make a visible helmet for added safety.. go along that line.. trial and error.. testing here and there.. you'll make it
  16. yap i was referring to the traditional infantry helmet.. hmm if those half cap can be seen on road.. saf helmet should consider better right
  17. was wondering if its permissible?
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