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  1. hi all

    selling my cb400 pb1 coe 2018 end feb


    fews days old driven handle bar with heavy bar end.

    new yusa battery - 2 days ago

    engine oil changed - a week ago


    orginal handle bar with barend will be given to new owner


    selling cos wife nag nag nag

    no leakage whatsoever

    engine is good. one start


    selling it for $2800 for a coe 2018 super 4.

    sms/call/whatsapp 91443044 viewing at yishun

    please check around everyone else is selling higher for a shorter coe so pls spare the low ball



  2. hi am selling this bike

    suzuki Gsxr 750

    Weekend riding only. In fact rode less than 2 times per month on the average since i got it less than a year ago. i drive most of the time and i've another scooter.


    things i've installed :

    Original expensive rizoma handle bar and bar end. MR windshield bubble. Thermostat and sensor replaced.


    this bike you don't have to worry about the engine condition. bring your mech or a friend who knows engine along for viewing. handling of the bike is superb


    review of the bike



    coe til 2020

    price $5700


    viewing at yishun only.

    sms/whatsapp 91443044 for viewing


    <a href=https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7588/16957681196_2bfd2c59c3_n.jpg' alt='16957681196_2bfd2c59c3_n.jpg'>Gsxr 760 by tionghan, on Flickr[/img]

  3. that reminds me how depressing it is to each time i log in sgcarmart.


    even a rxk is selling at 5k.. 2B bikes affected the most .. now i would say the best bargain is class 2 bike.

    Pegging used bikes to current COE is the market practice. Just take a look at the used car market. A 5 yr old car now can be sold at its original purchase price now... simply becos of the current COE. And the car Cat A COE was like below $10k back in 2009.
  4. this guy here didn't just troll this sales tread, check his profile ..

    What is your problem bro? If you have made an offer, let the seller consider it. Its his bike, let him sell at the price he deems fit.


    By constantly, bothering this sale thread, you are sounding like someone with an low EQ.

  5. psb standard are craps.. some of the helmet that was psb approved aren't any better than the 'thailand' ones.. and some of the really good helmet are not psb approved.. but due to insurance.. have to suck thumb

    If you look around in this forum, there's actually quite a few threads on helmets, if PSB approved helmets are safer than DOT or SNELL approved helmets. No doubt PSB approved helmets are the ones legal in Singapore, but there are cases whereby in the event of an accident, a PSB approved helmet actually split into 2, which caused riders to doubt the safeness of PSB approved helmets.
  6. The news made it on to edmw and stomp. If its a hacker post, then the real slim shady better stand up and speak up. Either true or false, I can confirm there are drivers out there with such mentality


    yes there are.. and this 'viral news' kinda remind them they are not alone.... we have to ride safe.

  7. nope.. i saw the bike at Excel .. and best there's another 883 just besides it.. so sat on both and compare the different instantly. would say bolt seat better.. for me

    Oh, you saw it at HL? i have not seen another bolt on the road so far.
  8. It is everything I wanted for a bike. The torque is powerful and riding is smooth.

    I used to ride a TW200 and was worried that I can't lane split anymore with this bigger bike. Boy were I wrong :)


    Ha..I used to ride tw200 too!

    I did sat on the bolt and it felt great..


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