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  1. Are you riding one? You sure it's because of the insurance and not other factors?
  2. Hi Guys, I have a very good condition E21 to let go... @$50. Box only. Should any one be interested... Do drop me a PM
  3. Personally, out of the 3 shops listed... My Vote goes to ASP. Although I only had bought 1 bike (Brand New) from them, I'm please with the after sales service rendered to me. Example ~ ~ New bike was quoted with no Hidden cost and there were no early settlement fee required. ~ Convenience of repayment of Instalment, quite a few shops around our Little Island. They share the same data base thus you could go to any ASP Shop to pay... ~ Renewal of Insurance was reasonable and fast. ~ Saleman never shows "[email protected]*K Up" face when ever I seek pricing for any bike I asked... unlike others (sho
  4. Yap.... I concur that... Total different range... of Boxes. E450 plates is much smaller in design compared to the E45 ones...
  5. Some insurance only pays 50% market price for Loss in Malaysia.... I always ask for the coverage % before confirming my bike insurance...
  6. Yap.... In my early days... I too was using my SAF Backpack to travel around. Good Stuff... Great Bag to use... Even till date, I till use a after market Army Style Backpack!
  7. You are one lucky son of a GUN! But... Congratulations!!!:thumb: You are man of the Moment...Man!!!!!! Huat Har!!!
  8. Good Luck, Guys. Regret coud'nt participate in Round 2 as I have Church Service... All the best to all of you guys and gals!!!!
  9. For S4 Spec3? As far as I know, there is'nt any OEM Racking System for our bikes. Custom made yes...! But again, at $1.2k...Under custom made, you still got many $$$ as spare...
  10. Ha...ha..ha..... I know what you mean.... But the eldest of the Brothers.... Ah-Lau (Old man) is quite a nice chap... A little grumpy...but a packet of coffee.... Done!
  11. Couldn't send out because your inbox is full.

    When are you free on the weekdays? And how can i contact you ? PM me.

    And can nego a little more ?

    Anyway Wish you a happy 2011 ! :)

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