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  1. XMAX 400 is in sg, i just bought from ASPOON HQ waiting for bike to arrive next month.
  2. Hi,


    I'm planning to buy a FZ16 bike. Any advice?


    My concerns are with 150 CC and bike looks huge, how is the riding experience?


    Who is the best dealer?


    Kindly help me with this.


    Thank you

  3. yea lets share the poison... oops i mean passion!
  4. farhan behave yourself! girls out there be careful of this guy, every time meet up he will pollute our innocent minds with indecent stuff!:pray:
  5. If you want for touring get yourself fz16 i know someone actually went to genting with that bike and melacca come back still can smile untill his mouth bigger then his face i think @BottleCap knows who i'm talking about haha
  6. yes very correct no matter what you do its just a 2b bike!
  7. Bao


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