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  1. Don't deal with this guy.

    Was meeting him for a deal and he did not turn up, SMS him he didn't reply

  2. BRO PLS CONTACT ME. i lost your number. raden here the one reserved your bike. i sold my bike oredy. time to buy yours. :)

  3. Hey Dude!


    Saw one of your posting. You riding Yamaha FZ16?

    I want to purchase that bike so wondering whether it is good.


    --> Whats the Bike price & Cost on the Road?

    -->Any flaws at the moment?


    Appreciate your feedbacks man!


    Hear from you soon ya.

  4. yes they should bring them in, there isn't much choice for bikes between 200-400cc
  5. longest for me was 2weeks, it was before lesson 4 due to the waiting time. But I went for 2 CR just before lesson 4
  6. well i got the letter. may be they stop giving after the official launch of the expressway course
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