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  1. Tyga full set rsw fairing Tyga sub frame Tyga fairing stay Tyga carbon meter cover Tyga carbon pro arm cover Tyga cnc fork adjuster Tyga TOP York Magical racing rear hugger Afam rear and front sprocket Hel brake line front and back Rvf fork Rvf brake disc Brembo caliper Brembo rc19 brake pump Brembo rear brake pump 19mm Racing footrest Honda rs250 keihin 38mm carb Honda rs250 coil Honda rs250 manifold Honda rs250 needle kit Hrc rear brake reservoir Hrc reeds Hrc stuffer Hrc spacer Cylinder head covertion Cylinder head convention hose Special flywheel advance timin
  2. Join nsr250 Singapore fb page
  3. Gather all pgm rider. Wanna to create a outing on Date 08/08/17 Time 2200 Location Kallang McDonald Please provide your name and contact no will create a group chat on WhatsApp. Let's smoke around Singapore!!!!! Pls WhatsApp me ur no. 1) Chong siong 87262501
  4. Hi bro ive been roaming this forum for the past month or so and from what i see is that you have some knowledge when it comes to bikes. i was just wondering if you could tell me on the things that i have to look out for when purchasing a second hand bike ? Im going down to view a Honda Nsr Sp150 maybe tomorrow or on Saturday. Also do you have any reviews about Albert Motor Supply ? i would really appreciate if you would reply me with some tips man. Thanks in advance. Nonetheless you can visit the thread i started about this topic. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/458581-The-Start-of-my-riding-life?p=8355590#post8355590

  5. hi i am interested in getting jet kit from i factory , i have nsr 250se mc28 with hrc rectifers boyden twin stage reeds also running i factory race chambers and mufflers.

    no air box , uni pod filters and hrc ignition card 030 and i would like to get jet kit from i factory and also some advice from them on tuning and if they know how to stop clutch slipping from the extra power any help would be greatly appreciated

  6. Haha imo have to test out man!!! Andy is the fastest amount all of us ^^ so u muz test wif rgv250.
  7. Mine lor wanna to buy? 100k SGD LOL
  8. Haha add all of us sub-rider lor!!! We help u wreak to the max!!!
  9. Haha I offer 700,000 Indonesia money!!!! Sell to me. Sad la y sell? -.-
  10. Haha see me la... I confirm smile at u 1. •.• I damn friendly hohoho
  11. Haha $10 dollars for a pair ^^
  12. I am look for pgm3 end can. Anyone here have it?
  13. Cos I going to buy vj23 full set fork. Lol haven't tk out fm my bike perfect condition!!! Come come juz done a full service on my fork. Direct fit to Amy pgm3 or 4. Going to sell oversea soon if no1 buying lol
  14. last time bought fm anwah at 1400
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