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  1. sorry wrong info. 16.8k OTR excluding insurance. I took my K10 pearl white burgie with ABS this evening frm ASPhoon Serangoon Rd. there got 1 more new burger 400 Metalic grey. you can take a look.
  2. Thanks MR BIKER for ur information and advice. now i'm getting more clear in SBF.
  3. thanks Hui82. Who else still riding burgie? May i know which tyres good for burgie on wet road (normal ride)? i saw many scooters has slip scar.
  4. Hui82, in ur experienced. how is the burgie performance, top speed and FC?
  5. 16.8k OTR including insurance (excluding interest). is it expansive? i felt under value. But my wife like the bike coz the bulky underseat space can put a lot of stuffs. I'm the driver only.
  6. Piaggio X8 : 01) Firestorm33 02) marcusdeming & marcusdeming x8 is my taxi 03) larlee 04) disar 05) yeong 06) goldstar 07) kimi X8 08) scorpio76 09) VaraStormer 10) ronins 11) blackieheng 12) Henrychieng 13) crasher69 X9 : 01) momo (till Jun 06) 02) idle69 03) CCK (till Sep 06) 04) infinity 05) capricorn777 06) sigg 07) Fass 08) Tinybiker 09) zziplex 10) Horizoner 11) Ah Huats (till Jul 06) 12) Patriots (till Nov 06) 13) Frz 14) X-files 15) ahzhi 16) DrTamon 17) edwinT 18) marcoin 19) Raptor0x 20) seanlim12 21) Rain1407 22) Yuna 23) edwin-nel 24) ri
  7. oh la la~ i just bought new burgie~ so sad to hear tat... anybody can tell me which forum have organize malaysia trip with scooter?
  8. Hello bro & sis, i bought a burgman. can i join all of u?
  9. Thanks paithorn. I'm newbie here, still have a lot of things need all of u advise and info.
  10. hello bro. may i know how much is the min downpayment for Downtown 300 from MS? Insurance and Roadtax?
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