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  2. Alright bro, deal ok? I`ll come over to your convenience. Just gimme the address & I`ll be there. By the way, what is the mileage of your bike? Need any repairs or servicing? I have ready cash 14k + I`ll give xtra 30bucks for your time + I`ll buy u lunch or dinner if u have da time ;) but do u have the original parts as well? (rear seat etc.) From Graham Carl. Pls contact me or email @ [email protected]

  3. now i never ride..just warm up... cos i got another bike and car

  4. i got a few buyers...14k flat...actually no time to reply and no in a hurry sorry as i was busy working..only drop once when parking..only lever scratch..with one seater and venhill hose

  5. Hi bro, pls reply my email asap :) just let me know where to view the bike. I have cash for u now :)

  6. Hi bro. I`m interested in your bike. Pls let me know what is the lowest price. What other accessories going with the bike? Any crash or accidents? Genuine buyer here. Pls email me @ [email protected]

  7. bro..where u customize ur radiator with the bruce lee pic...im interested to do my revo with my own design

  8. add me kat facebook please - ai dree...cos sgbike forum nie tak rape pandai communicate

  9. bro..heard ure bringing in carbon fibre parts for s4 issit...interested in hugger n fender for revo...bila ader??

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